Cloud Computing, Innovation or Hype?

Let’s bring all the hype into perspective; cloud computing, service oriented architecture, event driven architecture, agile methodologies, etc. should not be the objectives. Focus on sound systems/software engineering and one will find they are already embracing the best of the branded hype, and the nomenclature is little more than marketing, not the next big thing.

So why do we need all this hype? Same reason we need marketing and sales teams, without it nothing moves. Try to practice the best enterprise engineering as the foundation for enterprise architectural efforts without the marketing hype, and few want to adopt it. Advanced degrees, subject matter experts, and great engineers are just the price of admission to leading in the 21st century corporation. All have to learn to market and sell great enterprise engineering to drive down operational expense, and great enterprise architecture to drive new revenue streams. Learning how to communicate to market and sell these ideas is paramount to achieving “what’s next.” So the hype is not the objective, but it is the catalyst to transform vision into reality, so we must embrace it and create it, if we want to achieve great things.

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